An Apology

I’ve been neglecting you horribly lately, and for that, I apologise.

Negative things have been taking over and sucking the creativity out of me and I’ve been more focused on the bad than the good, which is all kinds of wrong really isn’t it?!

So, today is the day that I put things into perspective and start living my life for me and my family again instead of letting stuff that really isn’t important to me get the better of me and fill me with negativity.

I am turning things around and rather selfishly doing things for me and the benefit of my family.  I’m in the process of setting up an on-line shop (eek!) more about which I shall share soon… I will write a blogging schedule and aim to stick with it (notice the word aim!!).  Same goes for a social media schedule – I really need to get my head round that one!

Once again, organisation and focus are the key.  Do you have any helpful organise-ey bloggy tips you’d be willing to share and spur me on?  Do you do the best for you?




Still In Bloom

What is it about certain music that makes it never age and appeal to all?  I went to see Russell Brand last week and the music that was playing before he came on (good choices by the way who-ever put it together) was a real mixture, some of which went down better than others.

Then In Bloom came on and looking around the theatre, most people were getting into it.  The audience  was a mixed bunch ranging from kids who were probably the same age now that I was when In Bloom was released, through my age group *cough38cough* and older.  It got me thinking about why there is certain music that somehow speaks to people at the time and continues years later.  What is it about Nirvana especially?  I know that for me, it will always be special and meaningful as I was 15 when Nevermind came out and I think that you hold on to music from that time in your life in your heart.  But what about the kids who were born around the time that Kurt died?  What makes them listen to and enjoy it now?  Any younger readers – I’d love to hear from you.

I watched the Stone Roses documentary the other day too and again, looking at the fans ranging from people who were there the first time round to their kids who seemed just as into to it.  I think it’s an interesting question and one that I don’t really have the answer to… What do you reckon?

Have a listen to this while you ponder…

Throwback Thursday

I need some gentle soothing today – for some reason, this week has completely kicked my butt.  Do you get weeks like that?  Actually I don’t think gentle and soothing is the way to go is it?

So, drop what you’re doing (assuming you’re not attending to a small child – don’t drop that) and have a few minutes to let loose and re-calibrate.

Better? Yes, me too…

Throwback Thursday

I for one am quite excited that BBC 6Music have a new presenter starting on Sunday – it’s only Iggy Pop!  Don’t know if you managed to catch his shows over christmas but he has one of those voices that is so engaging, it’s impossible to not stop what you’re doing and listen.  He’s on 4-6pm every Sunday – try and listen if you can…

In the meantime – here’s a bit of Iggy for you and I’d forgotten what an awesome film trainspotting is….