Can I Have Your Attention Please

I was recently reading an article about how our tv viewing habits have changed and how this, in turn, has affected programme making.  That annoying recap of what’s going on every five minutes to cater for the people dropping in through channel surfing.

It got me to thinking about how we engage with things that go on around us, not just tv, but everything.  Has our attention span been shortened to the point that we can only deal with things in short sharp bursts, whether that be 140 characters or a constant recap.

One of my favourite tracks around at the moment is Brennisteinn by Sigur Ros which is a whopping 7 minutes 41 seconds long.  I say whopping, as the average song is 4 minutes long apparently.  Isn’t it strange that we think that 8 minutes out of our day is a long time.

My challenge to you then, is to sit and listen to this lovely track for nearly 8 minutes. The thing I like most about Sigur Ros is that because the lyrics are Icelandic, which I for one don’t speak, you can just immerse yourself in the music.  I will often put their music on if I need to write as it’s not distracting.

I would go into this further but I’m worried you may have stopped reading…

Oh, a little fact for you – brennisteinn means sulfur… *every day’s a school day*

For The Record

Image via Pinterest

April 20th is Record Store Day.  Over 200 stores in the UK are participating.  Our friends over at BBC 6 Music are supporting – take a look here

Jack White, the RSD Ambassador has this to say on the matter.  It’s worth a read…

I recently discovered that when you buy vinyl on a certain website that shares a name with a river in South America, you get a free download of the record you bought.  This could do so much damage to independent record stores.  The level of knowledge and passion that people who own or run record stores have can never be replicated by the internet.

Do you buy vinyl?  Where do you buy from?  Is there anything special you have your eye on getting on Saturday?

And yes, I know that we call them shops in the UK but it’s called Record Store Day because it’s an international thing.

Throwback Thursday

I’ve mentioned this before and it happened again last weekend… A cosy gathering of a couple of thousand like-minded individuals on someone else’s land in the wee small hours.  This ‘rave’ however, according to the local press, didn’t feature any music…. Rave goes silent disco?  It put me in mind of this track that I’ve not heard for a while…

Warning for those with kids who perhaps don’t want them learning a new word – the bloke in Camden Town isn’t “messed” up…