What did you wake up to?


What did you wake up to yesterday? Musically that is, well unless you’d like to share anything with the group? No? Ok, we’ll move on then…

I don’t normally “have it large” on NYE preferring a small gathering of friends at home or at theirs but this year I was at a wedding at a big country house locally.  My friend was the DJ (an actual dj with decks and vinyl and mixing rather than a playlist on Apple Music) and the tune we busted some moves to after midnight was Plastic Dreams from Jaydee but the standout track for me was this one which was a Neil Young track in 1970 then covered in 1990 by St Etienne

I can’t remember what the first song I woke up and heard in 2018 was (it was yesterday – what is wrong with me?!) but I’m loving this from Barry Adamson and here’s to more Barrys in general in 2018!

Hope you had a good NYE musically and can you remember the first track you heard?  What are you hoping to hear more of this year?

I’m off to grab a notepad and pen and set some aims for 2018 – share yours if you’d like…

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