The Slow Grower

Isn’t it funny how some songs are an instant love and some take a little longer but become firm favourites.  There are also those which you will never like, ever.  My favourites are those that you love on the first listen and then they get better with each subsequent one.

This is what I love about music, it speaks to different people in different ways and depending on our mood and state of mind.

Lyrics and how we listen to them – if at all – are dependent on mood too.  I touched briefly on this in this post, but I think it was Frank Ocean who said

When you’re happy, you enjoy the music, but when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.

Thinking about this, I guess I always do listen to and understand lyrics more when I’m in a more serious state of mind.

My most recent instant love has been Nobody Move by Hanni El Khatib,  Reflektor by Arcade Fire I loved on first hearing and love it more now.  And I’ll leave you with my slow grower…Buffalo by Gaz Coombes.  As for my songs I’m not keen on – there’s another post in that so watch this space!

What are you listening to at the moment – I’d love to hear…

T-shirt Day

Gosh, 52 weeks go by fast don’t they?  It’s been a year since I wrote this, and this Friday it’s “Wear Your Old Band T-shirt to Work Day” again!  This is an annual event championed by BBC 6 music’s Steve Lamacq.

There’s a rather great sounding exhibition of Steve Lamacq’s t-shirts at the BME  – which I’d love to go and check out.  It’s there until the 15th December.

He’s had some very interesting guests on this week talking about this including Pat Wood who sells band t-shirts who was saying that nowadays, bands probably make more money through merchandise than the music – go to listen again on Monday 18th and its around 1:43 in…

In the mean-time I have to decide which one to wear… I think it’ll be between James and Ride, or maybe Foo Fighters… I’m working over in one of the villages nearby at a shopping event so may have a bit of explaining to do!

Are you joining in?  What’s your favourite band t-shirt and what memories does it hold?

Hat Hair

I’ll share something with you, as I feel we’ve been friends long enough now… I love this time of year mostly because I can cram a beanie on my head and therefore not have to bother with doing my hair for the school run – hurrah! I’d love to wear a hat all year but not being one of the cool kids means I have to restrict the wooly headgear to winter months.

Here’s a little line-up of winter hats I like…

This one from Burton

Lovely bobble from Bonfire

Oooh la la – a Boden take on the beret

I like the buttons on this one

If I knew how to knit, I could even make my own!

Do you like a hat?  And, oh, have you noticed my smart new social media buttons up there?  Give them a press and follow if you like…

This is not a sponsored post by the way – I just enjoy not doing my hair!

A Song For Whoever

I cannot, and by that I mean CANNOT get this song out of my consciousness at the moment.

I’ve been completely drawn in by the lyrics on this one.  I’m normally one to listen to a song, make a quick decision whether I like it or not, hear it a few more times then it goes onto one of three piles in my mind.

  1. Don’t mind it, won’t turn off the radio if it comes on but probably won’t buy.
  2. Hate it, radio off if it comes on.
  3. Love it, get slightly obsessed by it and play on repeat for a while.

I’m not sure how you listen to songs but I seem to be really listening to lyrics at the moment.  This happens every now and again, maybe it’s the move from poppier radio to cleverer radio but I can’t help it.

The words in the song above are just brilliant and it got me thinking of how lovely it would be if someone had written that about me.  There are obviously a lot of songs that I’m glad they weren’t, but to mean or have meant something to someone to prompt them to write about it is pretty special either way I think.

It might be the slight hippy in me, but there is some part of me that would have been deliriously happy sitting in a sunny meadow with just a guitar, a notebook and the man of my dreams writing and singing to me.  Of course we all know that the best songs are written with some element of trauma, as love can often be.

Without doubt, lyrics can be interpreted in many many ways and I think that you can hear a song very differently depending on your mood.

Tell, me dear reader, do you wish a song had been written for/about you?  Which one?  Or, has it happened?  I’d love to hear from you…

Throwback Thursday

Every now and again, I need a little bit of motivation and mostly, I get it from music.

I’ve spoken before about certain songs getting me through a particularly difficult exercise class and the last snowboarding trip I went on, I made myself a playlist and was able to get some headspace.

This is one of the songs from Austria and although it was for a snowy trip, I think it has a nice summery vibe to it too…

I’m Not Angry, Just Disappointed

A good friend of mine bought an album recently (From the Roots Up by Delilah) and was thrilled that it was a great one as she bought it on the strength of one song.  I love it when this happens but it’s not always the case.

Another friend of mine bought an album based on one song and was very disappointed – the song was ‘Brimful of Asha’ by Cornershop.  He merrily bought the album not fully realising that the single played on the radio was the Fatboy Slim remix *he wasn’t the only one*

I have also fallen foul of this  – I love ‘La Ritournelle’ by Sebastien Tellier so, I bought the album *partly for it’s cover if I’m being honest* – it didn’t live up to that song in my opinion.

It also happened with Ed Sheeran – I thought it would all be like ‘You Need Me’…not so much…

On a positive note, the Lucy Rose album is excellent!

Here’s the lovely Lucy with Bikes

Has this ever happened to you?  Good or bad?  Let me know!

Cheesy Quavers

This morning, courtesy of 2 farmer types in the supermarket, I heard some news that cheered my heart…


In the early hours of this morning (and I believe as I write this, it’s still going on) there was a rave in the next village.  At 2am it was like the M1 outside our house with cars racing up the road.

Back in the day, pre mortgage & kids, it might have been me going up there *actually maybe not as it was a bit nippy last night*

We used to frequent an abandoned stately home in the middle of fields where the DJ’s would do their stuff amid patterned wallpaper, fire-places and stag heads on the walls.

After a raid one weekend (we weren’t there Mum), we graduated to Tribal Gathering festivals, Ibiza and clubs – anyone remember Final Frontier in Angel or The Orbit in Morley?

Ahhh, the good old days… glad I don’t have to do it now though!