Throwback Thursday

I need some gentle soothing today – for some reason, this week has completely kicked my butt.  Do you get weeks like that?  Actually I don’t think gentle and soothing is the way to go is it?

So, drop what you’re doing (assuming you’re not attending to a small child – don’t drop that) and have a few minutes to let loose and re-calibrate.

Better? Yes, me too…

Throwback Thursday

I for one am quite excited that BBC 6Music have a new presenter starting on Sunday – it’s only Iggy Pop!  Don’t know if you managed to catch his shows over christmas but he has one of those voices that is so engaging, it’s impossible to not stop what you’re doing and listen.  He’s on 4-6pm every Sunday – try and listen if you can…

In the meantime – here’s a bit of Iggy for you and I’d forgotten what an awesome film trainspotting is….