Editing Sweet

Once I became a parent, my life slowly started to need editing.  It probably started with my wardrobe, weeding out all the exquisite dry-clean only items that, it turns out, don’t mix well with a baby with reflux – who knew?!

The next phase of editing was probably a personal one.  As harsh as it sounds, there are people who a) don’t want to hang out with you as ‘Mummy’ and b) you actually realise that you don’t want to hang out with them either.

Then, as your children learn to talk – mostly by repetition in the early stages, you have to edit yourself.  Conversations have to be appropriate as does your choice of music in the car.  It’s amazing how quickly you get to know where the sweary bits are and can cough accordingly.  I’m sure my eldest daughter thought I had a horrific case of bronchitis at one point!  This is where radio can lull us into a false sense of security with their friendly radio edits.  I forget what song it was now, but me and my eldest had been merrily singing a song together along with the radio and when we tried doing the same with the album version there were F-bombs all over the show!  #awkward

I think that this is why I have developed a form of “exercise tourettes” *not a scientific term as far as I’m aware*.  Every time I partake in my outdoor circuits class, I get a bit sweary.  Luckily, everyone there is lovely and doesn’t seem to mind…

Alas, now for me, Tenacious D will only ever be played on my iPod but I’ll leave you with one of the clean ones…*hopefully*

As a parent, have you had to edit anything?  Let me know!

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