Listening Post

My daughters were upstairs yesterday listening to music and the eldest (8) must have repeated the same track maybe 4 or 5 times before the 4 year old got fed up with her and shouted.

Not sure about you but I can remember doing this as a child too *sorry Mum*, and it got me thinking as to when the turning point is of listening to an album from start to finish.  Or, are you still in the habit of just listening to the tracks you like or know well and skip through the rest?

I listen to cd’s in the car and yes, I’m sometimes guilty of skipping through tracks but I’m especially fickle when it comes to my iPod.  I recently heard someone talking about the ‘iPod Iceberg’ where 75% is undiscovered and un-listened to.  I get cross at myself for doing an all songs shuffle and then skipping through the vast majority, after all, I chose what music went on it in the first place!

This is a really good plus point for radio, you can’t skip through and sometimes if you give stuff a chance you could discover your new favourite thing.

So, how do you listen to music?  Do you repeat favourite tracks over (& over, & over) or do you dutifully listen to the album all the way through in the order it was put in?

Here’s a track for you from *aptly for today* The Horrors.  This is the track on their album that I gladly repeat…

Cheesy Quavers

This morning, courtesy of 2 farmer types in the supermarket, I heard some news that cheered my heart…


In the early hours of this morning (and I believe as I write this, it’s still going on) there was a rave in the next village.  At 2am it was like the M1 outside our house with cars racing up the road.

Back in the day, pre mortgage & kids, it might have been me going up there *actually maybe not as it was a bit nippy last night*

We used to frequent an abandoned stately home in the middle of fields where the DJ’s would do their stuff amid patterned wallpaper, fire-places and stag heads on the walls.

After a raid one weekend (we weren’t there Mum), we graduated to Tribal Gathering festivals, Ibiza and clubs – anyone remember Final Frontier in Angel or The Orbit in Morley?

Ahhh, the good old days… glad I don’t have to do it now though!

Throwback Thursday

Those of you who know me are probably a little shocked surprised that I’ve not made one mention of this band up to now…

I was doing a favour for a friend a few weeks ago and was looking after her children on Saturday night.  I’m sure that all of you reading this are out every Saturday night but mostly I use Saturday nights to catch up with my Sky+ planner *exciting eh?!*  As I wasn’t at my house, I was forced to watch TV *not really forced but I’d not brought anything with me*.  Flicking through the channels I came across “Dave Grohl’s Best Videos” *it may not have been called that at all, as I may have been a little distracted by the aforementioned Mr Grohl*.  I watched for about an hour 1/2, all in the name of research obvs *ahem*

So for this Throwback Thursday I give you this…The song that lifts my spirits every time I hear it and a good video to boot – enjoy…


(Do The Harlem) Shuffle

Here’s something fun for a dull day…*I’m fairly easily pleased*

Take your generic MP3 player and put it onto All Songs Shuffle – what’s the first track?

Mine was this – which I’m thrilled about because a) it was on youtube, b) it could have been one of the kids nursery rhymes!  and c) it reminded me of the genius that is The Flight of the Conchords

Now, over to you…and please be honest!

Papermore or Less?

The last gig I went to, proudly announced itself as a Paperless Ticket Event.  The hairy jumper earth mother environmentally conscious being in me thought – nice idea. Saving trees is always a good thing, no?  Also there is the added bonus of stopping ticket fraud, ticket re-sale for extortionate amounts of money and ticket touting.  All good things I think we’d all agree…

I booked online using my credit card and was told to bring this card with me to the gig to identify me.  I also had to bring the confirmation email with me, which, had to be printed.  On arriving at the venue, clutching my printed out email, my credit card was duly swiped and my 2 tickets and a receipt were printed.

So, my paperless tickets weren’t that paperless really…they weren’t even decent tickets, just like a shop receipt..



Now, I’m not saying that I’d like a lighty-up wristband at each gig I go to, a la Coldplay, *actually I might – they were amazing!* but a little memento is nice.  Maybe it’s the hoarder in me, but I like to keep my gig tickets, wristbands etc.  In fact I was most put out when at a Kasabian gig last year my ticket was taken off me (& everyone else!) and we were told that we could get it back on the way out…that never happened and I wasn’t the only one that was put out!  I need to find a good place to put them really as they’re just languishing in various drawers in the house and I could only scramble the above together this morning for the pic!

So, I guess that until technology is widespread enough and we can have actual paperless tickets we’ll just have to keep on with our papermore, paperless tickets, or find some other way of fighting ticket fraud etc.  I just wish the paperless printed tickets were a little prettier…

What are your views on this?

Under The Covers


I was listening to the radio in the car yesterday and they played a very beautiful recorded session track of Amy Winehouse singing Valerie.  The comments came flooding in and among the many “this is my favourite Amy song” type comments, only one said “what a great cover”.  The DJ paused for a second and said Oh yes, I’d forgotten it was by The Zutons”.  *that’s them in the picture if you need reminding*

This got me thinking about other songs that we forget are covers, and when the covers are better than the original.  Lest we forget Aretha Franklin covered RESPECT by Otis Reading, the wonderous version of Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World by Nirvana for MTV Unplugged… My personal favourite though, is Jeff Buckley doing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (I’m ignoring Alexandra Burke in this instance – sorry).  I’d loved the Jeff Buckley version for a while before I discovered it was Leonard Cohen who had recorded it first.

What’s your favourite cover?  What songs did it take you a while to realise were covers?

Here’s a cover for you by Ryan Adams (that’s RYAN not Bryan just so we’re clear)


Throwback Thursday

A very good friend of mine is planning her 40th birthday shenanigans.  “Yes, and..” I hear you say, well (and she won’t agree with me..) this friend is one of the most organised people I know at the best of times, but even more so in this instance, as her 40th isn’t until 2015.  (I KNOW!)

She’s going to have a “21 Again” theme which takes us back to 1996.. ooh there were some gems that year let me tell you!

I’ve chosen this as my memory jogger today…enjoy

It could have been Ooh aah just a little bit by Gina G…just think on THAT…*purses lips*

What’s the year that you turned 21?  Let me know your favourite track from that year..