Howlin at the sun

Ever since hearing The Throw by Jagwar Ma, I’ve not been able to get this band out of my ears.  Of course, the album was duly purchased and has not disappointed. There are heavy Madchester influences but as I’m a child of that era, for me it’s no bad thing.  I’m very excited about seeing them at Reading.

It’s a really easy listen and gets better and better.  A real summery sound and one that I am really enjoying.  Go on, give it a go!

Throwback Thursday

Every now and again, I need a little bit of motivation and mostly, I get it from music.

I’ve spoken before about certain songs getting me through a particularly difficult exercise class and the last snowboarding trip I went on, I made myself a playlist and was able to get some headspace.

This is one of the songs from Austria and although it was for a snowy trip, I think it has a nice summery vibe to it too…

Throwback Thursday

Another year and still no Glastonbury visit for me – I’m determined to get there…

I’ve been listening to some of the performances on 6Music and this one has been a real standout one for me – I can imagine myself at The Other Stage if I close my eyes and it’s a little goosebump inducing…

I’m sorry that this isn’t actually from the Glasto set but I couldn’t find any good enough!