Trying to take the pressure off



Here’s hoping for lots of trail running this year

New Year, New Me blah blah blah… I’m not one for making resolutions as such as I don’t like setting myself up to fail.  This year I’m going to set some goals/aims that I may or may not achieve in full but at least starting them will be a move in the right direction.

I’m not looking to re-invent myself entirely but I’m looking to change a few things and find ‘Me’ again and in all honesty it’s making me feel a lot of things, excited, anxious, invigorated, anxious, hopeful and did I mention that I’m feeling a bit anxious…

Over the next week or so (don’t need to rush in!) I shall sit and write a list of aims and do some research as to how to go about changing things.  One aim I have decided on is running based.  I have signed up to this through Trail Running magazine.  I already know that it may be a bit beyond my capability so I may swap the miles for kilometres which will still be a long stretch.  This sort of challenge is about pushing myself and actually however far I get will be further than I’ve managed this year I’m positive as I’ve been plagued by injury and illness and a little loss of direction.  From reading the posts on the Facebook group, it seems super supportive and inclusive so all good there!

I think that support is the key so I’m making an effort to make sure I know who’s got my back this year and steering away from the negative vibes.

This track from The Go! Team seems rather fitting – it’s been a real grower for me.  It does sound a bit like an American College marching band but I kinda like that…

Are you a planner?  How do you go about it? What’s the one thing you’d like to accomplish this year?

My friend wrote a good piece about goal setting which you can read here if you’d like…