Throwback Thursday

I actually wrote this yesterday but couldn’t get the video to upload so here you go, imagine it’s Thursday!

I was totally inspired by the People’s Playlist on Lauren Laverne’s BBC 6Music show this morning and it brought back a memory from a few *ahem* years ago when I was down in London at college.  One of my housemates in our halls used to play this at full blast, pretty much morning, noon and night.

It’s a great tune though and just the thing to bounce about to on this cold miserable day.

Throwback Thursday

Another Thursday rolls around – hope you’ve had a good week…

So, the nominations were announced for the NME Awards this week.  I’m going to be voting later on today – will need to have a good think about most of the categories – too hard to choose!  What will you go for?  Vote here if you like…

I’ve gone for a Muse track today as they are oddly (in my opinion) in the Worst Band category but they are also up for an award for having the Best Fan Community so I reckon they should be ok!

I love the sheer ridiculousness of this one – they don’t tend to be known for their understatedness (I may have just made that word up!)


A Cup of Tea With Me

Grab a cuppa...

Grab a cuppa…

This is a bit of an interview post in conjuction with Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mikes – you may be reading this as one of my followers or you may have clicked across from Pip’s blog – either way, you’re very welcome – do stay and have a look around won’t you?

I have recently completed (may I utter the word graduated?!) an amazing e-course called Blog with Pip – it does exactly what it says on the tin and although the blog isn’t quite the way I’d like it to be (YET) – there’s a lot of planning going on and now I have the wherewithal to actually do stuff and take this forward!

If you fancy giving it a go – you can sign up to the February intake here – I would heartily recommend it and I have to say that the support that I’ve had from both Pip and the other students has been EPIC – huge thanks to you all!  I now feel part of a community which is a nice thing I’m sure you’ll agree.

1. Who I am

I’m Claire and I live in a small town in Buckinghamshire, England, UK.  My primary role is Mummy to my 2 girls and when they’re learning stuff at school all day I morph into my other roles which include part-time admin to my tennis coach, my NYR Organic business and blogging here at Mixtapes and Muddy Boots and also over at Nicholas and White.  That’s why it’s often a little untidy and chaotic over at my house!

2. What I like to do

My most favourite things to do are hanging out at home with my girlies and getting involved in all their funny little games.  I also love music and going to gigs and festivals with my husband.  That sense of being surrounded by likeminded people all there for the same reason and the all encompassing feeling that live music gives just can’t be beaten!  I’ve also found out in the last year or so that I like writing so I try and fit it in where-ever possible.
3. My favourite place to be

Being outside is always a good thing and, although it’s been a couple of years or so since I last went, I love being up on a snowy mountain on a snowboard.  That, and being front and slightly to the left at a gig (have you spotted the recurring theme yet?!)

4. My favourite things to eat/drink

My immediate response to this one is tea & cake but I am rather partial to the odd JD when out & about.  Foodwise…roast chicken everytime with roast veggies in the winter and salad in the summer.

5. What Inspires me

I like to think that I take inspiration from life in general and I try to surround myself with positive and inspirational people from all walks of life whether it be the sister-like relationship I have with an old school friend or the kindred spirit I have found in a relatively new friendship, to the mentor/pupil role I have with a much older lady who is willing to share her knowledge, experience & advice.

All that and Pinterest…

6. Things I’d like to know more about

Ooh, where to start?!  There’s sooo much out there that I’d like to know more about.  I’d love to learn to crochet actually and I need to learn to be a grown up and get myself and my home organised, like REALLY!  I’d describe myself as a frustrated creative so it would be lovely to be able to channel that into something *- blogging I’m thinking*
 7. Some of my favourite blogs

There’s so many lovely blogs out there and most of the best one’s are written by the ladies I’ve ‘met’ through this course, so do click on their links too.  I’m also super jealous inspired by this young writer – I feel she’s doing what I would have liked to have been doing at her age but the word blog hadn’t even been invented then I don’t think!

Thanks for spending a little time with me, can I get you a refill of tea?  Another slice of cake maybe?…..

Throwback Thursday

So, I caught sight of the Coachella line up this morning which in turn inspired today’s journey into the archives.

You can have a peek for yourself here if you’ve not already seen it…

Soooo many good acts this year – I’d love to get over there.  *looks around hopefully for sponsors*

Outkast have been on hiatus since 2007 so this will be pretty exciting.