A Song For Whoever

I cannot, and by that I mean CANNOT get this song out of my consciousness at the moment.

I’ve been completely drawn in by the lyrics on this one.  I’m normally one to listen to a song, make a quick decision whether I like it or not, hear it a few more times then it goes onto one of three piles in my mind.

  1. Don’t mind it, won’t turn off the radio if it comes on but probably won’t buy.
  2. Hate it, radio off if it comes on.
  3. Love it, get slightly obsessed by it and play on repeat for a while.

I’m not sure how you listen to songs but I seem to be really listening to lyrics at the moment.  This happens every now and again, maybe it’s the move from poppier radio to cleverer radio but I can’t help it.

The words in the song above are just brilliant and it got me thinking of how lovely it would be if someone had written that about me.  There are obviously a lot of songs that I’m glad they weren’t, but to mean or have meant something to someone to prompt them to write about it is pretty special either way I think.

It might be the slight hippy in me, but there is some part of me that would have been deliriously happy sitting in a sunny meadow with just a guitar, a notebook and the man of my dreams writing and singing to me.  Of course we all know that the best songs are written with some element of trauma, as love can often be.

Without doubt, lyrics can be interpreted in many many ways and I think that you can hear a song very differently depending on your mood.

Tell, me dear reader, do you wish a song had been written for/about you?  Which one?  Or, has it happened?  I’d love to hear from you…

Howlin at the sun

Ever since hearing The Throw by Jagwar Ma, I’ve not been able to get this band out of my ears.  Of course, the album was duly purchased and has not disappointed. There are heavy Madchester influences but as I’m a child of that era, for me it’s no bad thing.  I’m very excited about seeing them at Reading.

It’s a really easy listen and gets better and better.  A real summery sound and one that I am really enjoying.  Go on, give it a go!