Throwback Thursday

I need some gentle soothing today – for some reason, this week has completely kicked my butt.  Do you get weeks like that?  Actually I don’t think gentle and soothing is the way to go is it?

So, drop what you’re doing (assuming you’re not attending to a small child – don’t drop that) and have a few minutes to let loose and re-calibrate.

Better? Yes, me too…

Throwback Thursday

I for one am quite excited that BBC 6Music have a new presenter starting on Sunday – it’s only Iggy Pop!  Don’t know if you managed to catch his shows over christmas but he has one of those voices that is so engaging, it’s impossible to not stop what you’re doing and listen.  He’s on 4-6pm every Sunday – try and listen if you can…

In the meantime – here’s a bit of Iggy for you and I’d forgotten what an awesome film trainspotting is….

Taking Stock – Feb 2014

Here we are again, linking up with Pip for a taking stock post.  I might do this as a regular feature and invite you guys to do it too…

Making :  Lots of lists and plans
Cooking : Sunday lunch
Drinking : A cup of tea at the perfect temperature
Reading: Nothing!  I just finished A Secret History by Donna Tartt so any book recommendations welcome please!
Wanting: An extra day in the week please
Looking: At trade catalogues
Playing: Flappy Birds – isn’t it infuriating?!
Deciding: On a theme for my new website
Wishing: My girls would stop growing up sooo fast…
Enjoying: The days getting longer – hurry up spring!
Waiting: For the conservation officer to visit our house to see if we can extend
Liking: When technology works
Wondering: What 2014 will bring
Loving: That I am lucky enough to work from home – it really is the only way for me
Pondering: Why some fonts just look … wrong!
Considering: A touch more red/gold in my hair
Watching: Chvrches in Birmingham very soon!!
Hoping: I can pull this idea of mine off!
Marvelling: At how many exclamation marks I’m using in this post!!
Needing: A neck massage
Smelling: Daffodils in a jam jar next to me
Wearing: Wooly socks and hoodies – sexy huh?!
Following: Lots of new people on twitter and Instagram
Noticing: That my ancient cat can still climb up onto the shed roof and over the outbuilding rooftops
Knowing: That exercise really is good for me
Thinking: Of a dear friend and hoping she’s ok
Admiring: Bloggers who blog on a really regular basis
Sorting: Laundry.  All. The. Time.
Buying: Stock
Getting: Ready for back to school tomorrow after half-term
Bookmarking: Lots!
Disliking: Rude people
Opening:  Exciting emails
Giggling: At the commentary from Ed Leigh and Tim Warwood at the Olympics
Feeling: Excited, overwhelmed, nervous but mostly excited
Snacking: On cashew nuts – yum!
Coveting: Most of the items on Pinterest
Helping: My boss launch another part to his business
Hearing: Lots of banging and giggling from upstairs from the girls

Join in if you like – I’d love to know what you’re up to… Copy and paste the list below…

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Throwback Thursday

I actually wrote this yesterday but couldn’t get the video to upload so here you go, imagine it’s Thursday!

I was totally inspired by the People’s Playlist on Lauren Laverne’s BBC 6Music show this morning and it brought back a memory from a few *ahem* years ago when I was down in London at college.  One of my housemates in our halls used to play this at full blast, pretty much morning, noon and night.

It’s a great tune though and just the thing to bounce about to on this cold miserable day.

Throwback Thursday

Another Thursday rolls around – hope you’ve had a good week…

So, the nominations were announced for the NME Awards this week.  I’m going to be voting later on today – will need to have a good think about most of the categories – too hard to choose!  What will you go for?  Vote here if you like…

I’ve gone for a Muse track today as they are oddly (in my opinion) in the Worst Band category but they are also up for an award for having the Best Fan Community so I reckon they should be ok!

I love the sheer ridiculousness of this one – they don’t tend to be known for their understatedness (I may have just made that word up!)